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Navigators on Creative Seas 2


Navigators on Creative Seas 2


After Covid19 outbreak, youth organisations need guidance, clear design thinking, creative processes, and tools to activate and cooperate with the youth people in order to find solutions to the most pressing problems of their communities. Creativity, innovation, and design thinking will be the main pillars of the second edition of the project Navigators on Creative Seas. Monomyths team joined forces with 14 Youth NGOs: Programme countries (Lithuania, North Macedonia, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria), and Partner countries (Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Jordan, Morocco, Albania) to create during a training course 1 design thinking youth map for Youth NGOs, interested to learn step by- step how to facilitate creative problem-solving “incubators” with the young people from their communities to find solutions to a variety of challenges.


Through NOCS2 we intend to expand the network of youth organisations and youth workers who can facilitate “innovation local incubators” using the design thinking youth map and to promote young innovators during Covid-19 through a collection of 30 podcasts “Creativity Unleashed” to inspire youth to take action in their communities.


During the project, we inform local Youth NGOs about ways to integrate creativity and innovation into their organizations through 1 international TC and 15 local DEOR demo-workshops.
We certify 30 youth workers with the know-how and competencies to facilitate design-thinking processes, ready to innovate in
the non-profit sector and propose new solutions to community challenges.
Min. 300 young people will participate in 15 creativity workshops at the local level to expand their creative and problem-solving skills.

  • Date

    October 1, 2020

  • Skills

    Innovation, Creativity, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making

  • Duration:

    01/10/2020 - 31/07/2021

  • Programme:


  • Partners:

    Child And Family Support Center (Belarus), Vsi Geros Valios Istaiga (Lithuania), Neoi Ellados Se Eyropaiki Drasi (Greece), Avatud Ühiskond Mtü (Estonia), Civic Association Branch Of Dgt Association In Republic Of Moldova, Support Youth Leaders (Jordan), Sdruzhenie Walk Together (Bulgaria), Fundacja Wspierania Inicjatyw Mlodziezowych 4youth (Poland), Aegee-Kyiv (Ukraine), Beyond The Barriers (Albania), Youth For The World (Georgia), Xano Channel Asociación Para El Desarrollo Comunitario (Spain), Association For Sustainable Development Sfera International Bitola (Republic Of North Macedonia), Euromediterranean Exchange, Volunteering, Events (Marocco)

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