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We're Monomyths Association
NGOs Story Tailors

Monomyths Association is a not-for-profit organisation created by story tailors from Bucharest, Romania. We design international learning experiences focused on personal growth, self-awareness and skills development and facilitate creative processes where young people and youth workers all over the world can organically grow.

What we do

Imagine that you could go back to school, but instead of geometry and spelling, you could learn valuable skills that transform your work and life - like how to handle difficult conversations, solve problems through playful creative methods or build brick by brick your life-project. We guide and qualify youth workers both vocationally and personally, both independent and in cooperation with other experts and mentors, by developing their know-how and methodology on 4 main areas: positive intelligence, talent management, creativity and entrepreneurship education. During the learning process, you discover that there is more than one path, with customized training you can gain strength to embrace changes and appreciate small things that make you happy. Ultimately, you become conscious, determined and positive about your journey, in the middle of our community.


Our main expertise and our initiatives have at the core 4 different topics

Creativity Activation

Try out simple and efficient techniques to activate your creativity.

Entrepreneurship Education

Cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset with play, empathy, creation, experimentation and reflection.

Talent Management

Take the path to discover your talents and passions.

Positive Intelligence

Become mentally fit to handle great challenges, be happier and perform better.

Our stories

We love stories and non-formal education. That’s why we share with our friends the best parts of our educational journeys.

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