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Best practices for Rural development for employment in Europe

Best practices for Rural development for employment in Europe

6 European NGOs explore the possibilities of rural development to tackle unemployment and depopulation…

Emilia 03/05/2020
Rural development for employment

Rural development for employment

Cultural Heritage | European Year of Cultural Heritage | Entrepreneurial Learning – Entrepreneurship Education…

Emilia 20/04/2020

How I've said NO to plastic in December?

In November I’ve started a transformative journey that made me aware of the impact...

Emilia 21/12/2019

Monomyths joins EUCAN Network

For the past 18 months, Monomyths Association joined EUCAN network, an initiative of European…

Emilia 24/07/2019

MOOC about creativity and innovation in youth work

Creativity is all about exploration and going where no one has gone before. Just…

Emilia 15/07/2019

Navigators on Creative Seas - DEOR

Media coverage – The press release of the project has been distributed to the…

Emilia 01/07/2019

Creative People Say ...

A Hungarian psychology professor once wrote to famous creators asking them to be interviewed…

Emilia 03/05/2019

Want to be a creative genius? Choose progress, not perfection

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. George Fisher Inappropriate…

Emilia 01/05/2019

How to maintain a state of creative ‘flow’?

Often, when we talk about high-performance, we inevitably talk about flow, that elusive state…

Emilia 30/04/2019

How to develop a creativity and innovation culture in your Youth nonprofit?

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of tough issues facing associations and nonprofits….

Emilia 24/04/2019

Navigators on Creative Seas – an intensive creativity training for European youth workers

Between April 11-19,2019, Monomyths Association from Romania and 7 nonprofit organisations host in Bucharest…

Emilia 18/04/2019

Ideas Ark - Entrepreneurship education video essentials

In the last months, Monomyths Association and its partners joined forces, brought the know-how…

Emilia 10/12/2018