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Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage – VISYON is a 24-month long Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together project that aims to encourage youth’s social and civic engagement and ensure that young people have the necessary resources to participate fully in society.
The project is based on the 11 European Youth Goals (EYG) and designed to support the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027) by focusing on its three main areas of action: Engage, Connect, and Empower.


VISYON involves an international consortium of NGOs (from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Netherlands, Spain and Malta) that will work together, for 24 months, to:
* EMPOWER YOUTH through a series of local trainings and events on the 11 European Youth Goals, on the Digital Storytelling methods and on principles of Media Literacy and responsible media production!
* CONNECT YOUTH through the creation of stable working groups of participants, who will collaborate to create the scripts for a series of 11 short movies on European Youth Goals and meet in an international event to shoot the videos!
* ENGAGE YOUTH through the creation of a European Youth Diary that will combine the voices of more than 250 youngsters all over Europe with regards to their views on the current European policies’ efficiency to achieve the European Youth Goals and their suggestions for improvement!


The main project results are:

  • European Youth Diary
    A compilation of stories, views, and recommendations of 267 young European citizens reflecting the current state of European policies efficiency to achieve the defined European Youth Goals and enlist a series of ways for its improvement
  • Countries’ scripts
    Each local working group will produce a script (in English) for a short movie to be presented during the International Mobility (in total 8 scripts). Each script will address a specific topic (one of the 11 EYG) and present a fictional story, based on the stories of young Europeans gathered during the interviews process

    11 short-movie scripts
    The result of the countries’ scripts revision and creation of 2 new scripts during the International Mobility, and the work of the Italian local group on the last script after the Mobility. The final stories will be used for the realisation of the video in the next phase of the project

    11 European Youth Goals short-movies
    The heroes of the short movies will be young Europeans (e.g. fictional characters inspired by real youngsters who gave interviews), who manage to change some issues they face in their community (11 Videos, EN, 5-7 mins each)

  • Skills

    Nonformal education, Youth Work, Financial Literacy

  • Client


  • Duration:

    01/03/2023 - 01/02/2025

  • Programme:

    Erasmus+ KA2

  • Partners:

    EKO Greece, yEUth The Netherlands, CIAPE Italy, Youthfully Yours Slovakia, AELV Spain, FECE Bulgaria, VisMedNet Malta

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