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The concept of the topic Talent Management came from our growing understanding of the problem of unemployment. We think that young people are facing different challenges to find a job than it was yet several years ago. After doing some research with our partner NGOs we realized that things that are mostly valued are personal awareness, readiness to grow and passion. There is also a big focus on employability skills, that are more connected with ‘knowing yourself’ than ‘selling yourself’. So together we would like to make a project to learn more how to prepare better our youngsters to look for a job in modern world or starting their own (social) enterprise. As the core of Erasmus+ is to promote long life learning we also believe it’s very important to raise that awareness among youth workers and create some tools for increasing learning ability that they can use in their daily work.


The progressive project “You(th)nique” contains two mobilities training course for youth workers which aim to develop talent management as a tool to improve employability, in which we integrate the best compatible parts of our two trainings who have proved that they have a very effective impact on the trainees. This gives an enormous potential to equip trainees with the right tools and support for their needs.


24 youth workers have explored the concept of talent, passion and inner leadership and have discovered how can be applied in their daily work, while the trainers stimulated their creativity, vulnerability, confidence and resilience.

You(th)nique toolkit


  • Skills

    Talent management, Coaching, Inner leadership

  • Duration:

    01/02/2017 - 31/10/2017

  • Programme: