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Survey for NGOs

Emilia - 20/08/2016 - 0 comments

“We all have stories to tell” and is important the way we are saying them when we have a NGO. A good communication strategy and the proper tools can make magic for our organisational development. Therefore, me and my team worked at a survey that will help you check your strategy and tools that you use for an efficient communication and will help us to identify your needs.

Based on the answers of this survey (dedicated to the NGOs presidents and communication specialists) and your needs, we will design on the future international training courses to improve your storytelling techniques and channels.

A 15 precious minutes from your time is an investment in all the specialists in communication that are working for and with NGOs to promote better in the future your activities and your organisation. The link is here:

Any suggestion/ feedback is welcome. Thank you for your time!
Emilia & Team