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Study: Jobs in Europe

Emilia - 31/01/2017 - 0 comments

The mission of our activities is to qualify the youth workers and communication specialists from NGOs, both vocationally and personally, both independent and in cooperation with other participants, by developing their know-how and methodology. Our efforts focuses on people and ideas, on creativity and change, motivation and potential, on values and visions. The central aspect of our training courses and workshops is that knowledge is organized and viewed as resources for our clients briefs.

Therefore, we’ve created general and customized communication workshops and campaigns for them during the training courses. The participants should be able to design novelty and new communication strategies: may it be through the start of a new campaign or within existing projects of the NGOs. The participants shall, during the course of the training, develop a pro-active attitude towards the concept of branding, as an active and personal process of connecting with the community, donors, active citizens, public institutions.

In the new, increasingly digital working world that is emerging, being properly equipped with skills is more than ever a MUST HAVE. New Skills are more than what we get to learn in SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY. Skills can be in the DIGITAL FIELD what we learn while practicing or in Training.

Read the study made by Monomyths Association in partnership with our partner organisations from the Project “Monomyths: communication tools for NGOs and start-ups” here.