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Ideas Ark – Entrepreneurship education video essentials

Emilia - 10/12/2018 - 0 comments

In the last months, Monomyths Association and its partners joined forces, brought the know-how on the table and created a series of videos with practical Non-formal methods with the main topic of Entrepreneurship Education. These videos are great for youth workers, teachers, trainers and project coordinators who create learning opportunities for young people on entrepreneurship.


Video 1: Myths about Entrepreneurs

Video 2: Entrepreneurship education and Youth work

Video 3: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

Video 4: Learning Journal

Video 5: Ideas Ark Journey

Video 6: Raise Self-Awareness

Video 7: Explore the world

Video 8: Make a change

Video 9: Idea: Creative land

Video 10: Exchange feedback

Video 11: Generate ideas

Video 12: Business Model Canvas

Video 13: Make decisions

Video 14: Design Value

Video 15: Plan your project

Video 16: Building Resilience

Video 17: Prototyping

Video 18: Present your idea

Video 19: Celebrate