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VISYON: Empowering European youth for active citizenship

Emilia - 28/10/2023 - 0 comments

“VISYON – ‘Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON Stage’ – is a collaborative effort by eight associations across Europe. This 24-month Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together project is dedicated to fostering social and civic engagement among young people, ensuring they possess the tools necessary for full participation in society.

Bringing together NGOs and youth from Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malta, VISYON facilitates in-person meetings among 80 young individuals aged 15 to 29 and 24 youth workers. Additionally, it fosters transnational cooperation through online sessions connecting local groups from different countries.

Since its launch in March 2023, the project has conducted local workshops in partner countries, delving into the 11 European Youth Goals, Digital Storytelling, and Media Literacy. Participants have engaged in scriptwriting sessions for short films and are currently compiling the European Youth Diary, a collection of perspectives from 264 young Europeans on the effectiveness of European policies in achieving youth-related objectives.

Upcoming activities include the International Youth Mobility event in Greece (January 2024) and short film production with Tanino Films from Italy (February to August 2024).

VISYON aims to Engage, Connect, and Empower European youth, fostering a sense of belonging to European society and cultivating vital 21st-century skills such as media literacy and digital content creation.

Led by a consortium including EKO from Greece, FECE from Bulgaria, CIAPE from Italy, VisMedNet Association from Malta, yEUth from the Netherlands, Asociatia Monomyths from Romania, Youthfully Yours from Slovakia, and Amigos De Europa Leonardo Da Vinci (AELV) from Spain, VISYON represents a pioneering approach, enabling young people to influence EU Youth Policies through short film creation.”

The project is based on an innovative approach, which will enable young people to share their opinions and recommendations for EU Youth Policies through short-movies creation. The project unites several NGOs from all over Europe, in particular:

● Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group (EKO) from Greece – Project Coordinator
● Fondatsia Za Predpriemachestvo, Kultura I Obrazovanie (FECE) from Bulgaria
● Centro Italiano Per L’apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE) from Italy
● VisMedNet Association from Malta
● yEUth from the Netherlands
● Asociatia Monomyths from Romania
● Youthfully Yours from Slovakia
● Amigos De Europa Leonardo Da Vinci (AELV) from Spain

Follow our journey: VISYON website and VISYION Instagram page