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Combating Social Media Disinformation among youth through Live Action Role Play (DIS-PLAY)


Combating Social Media Disinformation among youth through Live Action Role Play (DIS-PLAY)


The youth of today live in the world of diverse social media, densely saturated with disinformation. Particularly when consuming information on social media, they require Media Literacy skills to be able to tell what they can trust. Media literacy can and should be taught to youth, to defend EU values and democracy and preserve youth’s mental health and the future. Therefore, the problem our project addresses is youth lacking media literacy (ML) skills, required to identify and counteract disinformation in the poorly controlled environment of social media. Social media of today are flourishing with fake news, political propaganda, fabricated/manipulated/sponsored content, deep fakes and other types of disinformation that are still emerging following technological progress. As youth processes information visually, they are likely to receive information from YouTube influencers rather than from established media outlets.


The project aims at pedagogically equipping youth workers with methods and tools for increasing ML skills of youth to ultimately reduce disinformation on social media. These ML skills will include identifying disinformation, its different types and intentions behind it, reacting to social media disinformation responsibly, and reporting it with regards to these being one’s democratic participation and civic duty.

Specific objectives:

  • Providing youth workers with a toolkit containing scenarios for live role plays that develop youth’s ML
  • Supplying youth workers with a guide on how to educate youth on disinformation and use the toolkit
  • Developing a mobile game for young people 15-25, where a player will face simulating reality social media disinformation cases and will have to make choices to enhance their ML


1) Toolkit with LARP scenarios on disinformation

This is the key result of the project, representing the solution that both provides youth educators with quality training materials and corresponds to the new Gen Z learning style of today’s young people. The Toolkit will contain 5 LARP scenarios on spotting and tackling disinformation on the internet, thereby directly addressing the project’s main goal of increasing the capacity of youth educators for fostering young people’s Media Literacy (ML) to combat social media disinformation. Thanks to the proposed Toolkit, youth educators will have a powerful resource they need to implement learning activities with young people to increase their ML capacities in order to confront disinformation on social media.

2) Guide on organising disinformation LARPs

The Guide is intended to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and civil and digital societies, providing educators and youth workers with a turn-key solution for fostering young people’s Media Literacy to combat social media disinformation. Specifically, the Guide will support youth educators in setting up courses or study circles on disinformation, containing recommendations both on the format and implementation of such courses/study circles. The guide will introduce youth educators to the Gen Z learning style, the pedagogical method of LARP, and how to run it correctly using the developed LARPS from R1 – the DIS-PLAY Toolkit as training material.

3) Disinformation Role-Play mobile game

This Project Result is an animated scenario-based app for smartphones, which educators can use to facilitate the practical application of the ML knowledge, acquired by their young learners within any misinformation on social media courses or study circles. In the game, the player will face simulating reality disinformation cases and will have to make the right choice not to lose and proceed with the game scenario.

  • Skills

    Nonformal education, Youth Work

  • Client


  • Duration:

    01/03/2022 - 01/03/2024

  • Programme:

    Erasmus+ KA2

  • Partners:

    Studiefrämjandets avd i Uppsala län (Sweden) LajvVerkstaden Sverige ekonomisk förening (Sweden) INERCIA DIGITAL SL (Spain) Hessischer Volkshochschulverband eV (Germany)