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In My Element


In My Element


When talking about leadership, many programmes developed by youth nonprofits and youth workers focuses on the how-to’s of leadership: how to lead a group of young people, how to influence others, how to make others follow them. There is an external focus on leadership with the hidden assumption that leadership is directed outwards. Then why do some youth workers manage to motivate a group and others not at all? For what reasons can some groups go on day-long hikes and camp out under the stars while others can hardly be coaxed into following a few hours workshop? To identify key personal characteristics, explore aspects of effective inner leadership, the roots of inner leadership in youth work, how the youth workers adjust and create their “inner compass” that empower them in this work area, Monomyths Association has designed a project about inner leadership & positive intelligence.


“In My Element” is a 3 phases project (1 – find the inner leader, 2 – Become a better leader, 3 – Lead the future) which aim the professional development of 27 youth workers (skills, knowledge and tools) from 9 European Youth Non-profits to become effective and positive leaders of their organisations and exchange good practices on leadership through 1 intensive training course to be organised in July 2020.


9 Youth NGOs and 27 youth workers will develop and promote a digital set of “100 Inner Leadership & Positive Intelligence Action Cards” (which contains NFE methods, step-by-step activities, tips & tricks on the topic, in English language) for Youth NGOs who want to guide the youth workers to develop their inner leadership. Besides, 27 youth workers will develop and implement simultaneously a multi-city event “27-in-1day” for 270 young people from 9 local communities. The initiative will be completed with 1 awareness campaign on “inner leadership” dedicated to youth workers & young people consisting in a collection of 9 theme-related podcasts of European key-speakers uploaded on Monomyths learning platform.

  • Skills

    Inner leadership, Positive thinking

  • Duration:

    01/03/2020 - 30/11/2020

  • Programme: