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Pathway to Mindfulness


Pathway to Mindfulness


These days, technology and media are ubiquitous. It can be hard to find a moment free from distractions, notifications, and social media. While being able to connect with others so easily it’s a wonderful thing, our digital lives may, in fact, be making us more distracted, distant and emotionally drained. Whether it’s dealing with a chaotic schedule, or finally completing that
project that has been on the to-do list forever, increasing productivity is a seemingly endless struggle, especially when online distractions are this generation’s biggest time waster. With the accelerated rhythm of today’s modern society burnouts and exhaustion are more and more common especially among young people. Is constantly being connected and plugged in
harmful for our well-being and mental health? As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Despite the many benefits of technology, there are downsides to always being available to others and the Internet. Always being available can increase stress and anxiety. This can make it more difficult to focus and tune into what you are really doing.


Our project aims to offer the youth innovative and inclusive high-quality non-formal education tools based on the synergistic combination of mindfulness and nature-based methods. The
main activity of the project, a youth exchange held on August 2020, is an invitation to turn off the usual distractions and practise mindfulness for a week, all while discovering the benefits of different learning environments by taking part in outdoor based activities. The participants are encouraged to experience the power of nature in order to build and fuel meaningful connections not only with themselves but also with other young people from all over Europe.


During the project a 7 days youth exchange about mindfulness and connection with nature for 42 European participants will be organised. Afterwards, there will be organised 7 local “MindfulStories” in all partner countries to share the experience and specific methods learned in the YE. The youth will contribute to the implementation of a Month of Mindfulness Challenge and put them in practice for one month after the mobility is over and share the results in one online community.

  • Skills

    Creativity, Mindfulness

  • Duration:

    01/03/2020 - 30/11/2020

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