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Start-up Lighthouse


Start-up Lighthouse


According to the European report released last year called “Participatory Governance of Cultural Heritage”, “In the era when the selfie, troll or mainstream overturn language barriers, the digital generation is slowly losing contact with its roots, identity and making efforts to discover its place in today’s society. They are connected to what’s new, however, disconnected from the past. Even if the online postings disappear after a few seconds, the cultural heritage remains the foundation on which any society is built and can represent an engine for growth and business opportunities.


The main aim is to create 1 active network of 28 youth workers, educators and creative change-makers from European and African youth non-profits, interested in cultural heritage and rural development, NFE, social innovation and entrepreneurship and to design 3 sets of playing card activities for youth workers: 1. The explorer; 2. The incubator; 3. The accelerator with step-by-step learning processes for future youth entrepreneurs.


7 non-profit organizations develop 1 international network dedicated to cultural entrepreneurship
28 youth workers enter in a 3-phases certified training to expand their know-how in entrepreneurship education, develop their skills and propose min 5 cultural start-ups prototypes
3 pocket sets with activities cards
140 youth propose prototypes for cultural start-ups in a 2-day simultaneous “The cultural challenge”
7 digital and 700 printed maps with entrepreneurship hotspots distributed in youth centres, campuses, universities, working hubs, labour force authorities, career orientation centres (7 languages)
7 DEOR workshops for 20 youth workers & educators /per country to introduce them the tools.


A1: Kick-off meeting – Gaborone, Botswana
A2: TC 1 “The Explorer” – Bucharest Romania
A3: TC 2 “The incubator” – Étang-Salé, Reunion
A4: TC 3 “The accelerator” – Antananarivo, Madagascar
A5 Evaluation meeting – Sassari, Italy

  • Skills

    Entrepreneurship education, Creativity, Problem Solving, Resilience, Innovation, Cultural entrepreneurship, Cultural Heritage

  • Duration:

    01/12/2020 - 31/11/2022

  • Programme:


  • Partners:

    Au Carrefour de L`Europe (France), Men and Boys for Gender Equality (Botswana), Society for the Improvement of Rural People (Nigeria), Paralel-Silistra (Bulgaria), Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy)

Start-up Lighthouse