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It’s story time!

Emilia - 17/02/2015 - 0 comments

Look at the world today! What do you see? How do you feel about it? What can you do about it? Stories are written every day. They start with one common purpose: simple actions that can start a movement, stories that become a revolution.

Our story starts with: “Once upon a time…”, 2 Romanian youngsters were brought together by their passion for stories. After working with several European not-for-profit organisations as project designers, branding consultants or communication trainers, they decided to join their forces and create Monomyths Association, a non-profit institution situated in Bucharest, Romania. It was established at the end of 2014 after the main members tested the compatibility between non-formal education and storytelling for NGOs for more than 5 years.

We believe in „positive societal change by empowering youngsters and not-for-profit entities to actively promote their mission, projects and campaigns”. Therefore, we believe that by fostering personal transformation, we can produce large-scale change. The organisation is value-based and operates with the following values: empathy, fully involvement in its projects, creativity, community connection, and playful.

“That is the power of a good story. It can encourage you, it can make you laugh, it can bring you joy. It will make you think, it will tap into your hidden emotions, and it can make you cry. The power of a story can also bring about healing, give you peace, and change your life!”

The Monomyths Association strives to have the best story tailors that can create the frames where young creative minds become as well story tailors for their NGOs. We want to foster and realize potential and ideas pertaining to growth, meaning and sustainability for the benefit of youngsters, communities, organizations and societies.
The Monomyths team is driven by a vision of developing the communication departments of the NGOs and a network of story tailors that can provide guidance to NGOs representatives focusing on creativity, value based leadership and massive social value creation.

Our ambition is to create the next generations of youngsters passionate about stories, the change makers that can master the communication as well in offline as in online. The Monomyths Association initiatives are as such dynamic cultural systems with a principled idea of what motivated people to learn by doing and to create in a creative and simple way the connection between the community and the not-for-profit organisations.

This website will become also a resource center for all the NGOs that are searching for advises, guidelines, free tools, tips& tricks to build and maintain their reputation, create an organisational culture adapted to their mission and vision, empower their team members to tailor compelling stories.

What story are you writing right now?