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Storyteller, here I WRITE

Emilia - 02/09/2016 - 0 comments

Well this is my first project. I have never participated in a Erasmus+ project till now, but I have to say this  was presented like a project where I get to find more information about my passion … communication.

I have a major in advertising, but I find it difficult to put things into practice. I studied for 3 years, but I did not get to learn about Instagram during my University years.

This is why I accepted the challenge to be here, to be part of the Monomyths projects. First day was a crazy meeting with the city, that is quite busy and noisy. I have landed at the airport and then traveled till the location where we were housed and had the trainings, that was in Arcca, a student’s campus, that had some amazing rooms and a lovely space with grass, where we had some after the session chats.

How was the 1st day?

Well with many names. I got to meet a lot of new people, played tons of GTKeO games and found out why people decided to join the training course. The reasons were so different for each us, there were some people, like Leon that came in mind with the idea of making a business and how to promote it better, Kaisa that arrived here with the thought of finding new innovative ways to communicate the projects that she  is developing in the bank.

We  added to our expectations some well adjusted rules and some hot coffee, a meeting with our trainers and a presentation about Erasmus+ and that made my 1st day in Monomyths.

I almost forgot! Yeah we also shared why do we tell stories:

Some beautiful insights were revealed 🙂