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How many things can you do in a day? We did a lot!

Emilia - 03/09/2016 - 0 comments

Since it was a second day and we already knew each other we had to set the rules. Each one of the 4 groups thought about what can we do and what would be preferably avoided (like dying or getting pregnant). Next, we had to think about our vision with the use of time-arrow – we put our ideas of development of our NGO/company on a time-arrow and specified what we would like to learn during this workshop.

As any NGO needs marketing, and every marketing needs a face, we shared our skills, abilities and experiences (in the form of needs and offers). This allowed us to prepare personal branding project. Afterwards, we enumerated offline and online media in order to recognize the market and use in our project. I order to kickstart our creativity for the project we also invented literally dozens of ways in which you can use a teaspoon. Some of the ideas were really strange (but creative)!

In the area of personal branding, we were also asked to assess each other’s style of dressing and to introduce ourselves in an innovative and professional way. And it’s not all, of course. We did also a couple of icebreakers and filler activities in the meantime!