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The supermarket story

Emilia - 04/09/2016 - 0 comments

Waked up by the tasty breakfast served with  flavoured hot  coffee I can say I am  eager to take the challenge for today. But what is the challenge for today?

The 1st exercise of the day was to go a supermarket and observe the chocolate rayon, to see packages, prices, colours, flavours etc and then to make good use of the information we gathered in order to create a “ad to sell” a new brand of chocolate. When you first think about it it seems easy… you go to the supermarket,  you gather the information and then you are back with all the details and ready to pack  your own yummy chocolate. How things worked was a little different than what we have hoped for.

How  can  you “ teach yourself about chocolate” without tasting it. Yes we bought “few” chocolates to have a better taste of the market. When we returned, Corina initiated us in the branding world and how the brands build their image, try to reinvent themselves in order to attract as many consumers on long term. Their aim is not only a occasional shopper, but as many of them fall in love with their products. It is the same with the NGOs at fairs or on websites. So many NGOs, most of the times with similar missions, profile of beneficiaries, communication style. How can you stand out of the crowd? First step: an appearance with personality.

After having some insights about fonts, colours, graphics from our guest, Petronela, an international designer, we put our mind to work and we  crafted some logos. Yeah,  3 NGOs and a start-up have a new handmade logo after she guided us through the world of shapes, colours, symbols.

I liked very much that we used our minds to create logos for those who were in need for a design and we did not just “solved” another exercise. We made something that was real and is going to be used.

I don’t know why time pass so fast when you have so much fun. 3rd day of the training course “Monomyths: communication tools for NGOs and start-up” is almost at the end.