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Rural development for employment

Emilia - 20/04/2020 - 0 comments

Cultural Heritage | European Year of Cultural Heritage | Entrepreneurial Learning – Entrepreneurship Education | Rural development and urbanisation

The Belgian NA, AEF-Europe, has decided to award a grant for the Project “RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT” under the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for Adult education. Monomyths Association join this initiative as partner and support Alphabet Formation in the project lifecycle.

The project aims to deliver outputs related to social inclusion and integration through the re-evaluation of local and European cultural heritage and the local community building and co-production, sustainable development, and European sense of belonging. To fight isolation and social exclusion we will develop a program based on co-production and inclusive practices between individuals that are experiencing social and economic exclusions, such as the populations that live in depressed and depopulated rural areas. Also, members of depopulated areas from different EU countries will be linked together, connected in an intra-European network providing best practices and support. The local populations will feel empowered and the training provided by the project, including the links developed with partners’ countries, will give the target group the necessary tools to learn to coproduce and generate development.

  • The project runs for 24 months starting on 01 09 2019 and finishing on 31 08 2021.
  • All the outputs and results of RDE will be access-free for everybody
    RDE is a consortium composed by 5 not-for-profit organizations from 5 European countries.