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Best practices for Rural development for employment in Europe

Emilia - 03/05/2020 - 0 comments

6 European NGOs explore the possibilities of rural development to tackle unemployment and depopulation through a collection of best practices.

The main aim of the project “Rural development for employment”, co-funded through Erasmus+ and coordinated by Alphabet Formation, is to explore possibilities of rural development to tackle unemployment and depopulation. These possibilities may include sustainable tourism, practices of co-production, and sustainable start-up among the others.
One of the main objectives of the project is to share best practices between organizations in Europe dealing with depopulation and rural development. The best practices will be collected in a toolkit to create a tool for guidance for unemployed adults, entrepreneurs, and workers employed in rural areas willing to start sustainable development activities.
The present research collects the best practices of rural development around Europe from the following partner’s countries: Alphabet Formation (Belgium), Social inclusion Association (Greece), Associação Empresarial de Penafiel (Portugal), Associació Empresarial L’alqueria (Spain), Asociatia Monomyths (Romania), Itaka training (Italy).

Access the Best practices guide here.