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VISYON 3rd Press release

Emilia - 30/11/2023 - 0 comments

The VISYON project proudly announces the completion of the “European Youth Diary” – a groundbreaking compilation born out of the collaborative efforts of VISYON youth local groups across Europe. The diary stands as a testament to the active engagement of young citizens in discussions about the 11 European Youth Goals, reflecting their thoughts, stories, and recommendations.

The European Youth Diary is more than a collection of stories; it serves as a mirror reflecting the current state of European policies. Comprising the voices of 267 young Europeans, the diary aims to assess the effectiveness of European policies in achieving the 11 Youth Goals and proposes a roadmap for improvements.

Divided into 11 chapters, each corresponding to one European Youth Goal, the diary offers a comprehensive overview of the collected interviews. These chapters highlight captivating suggestions, stories, views, and recommendations for improvement. Each section begins with a set of questions posed to interviewees, along with summaries of their answers and noteworthy quotes gathered during the creation of the European Youth Diary. In addition to presenting the goals and objectives, the diary showcases existing European initiatives related to each goal. Surprisingly 72% of the interviewees acknowledged that before taking part in this initiative, they had never heard of the European Youth Goals. Only 9% of the respondents claimed to have a solid understanding of these goals, indicating a notable lack of awareness.

Remarkably, the vast majority of the respondents (80%) stated a strong desire to be more actively involved with these initiatives despite the general unfamiliarity. Furthermore, 80% of the respondents agreed that the EU’s commitments to young empowerment are important and effective, demonstrating the confidence that is placed in the EU’s ability to affect change.

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