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Unveiling European youth voices: VISYON project countries scripts

Emilia - 07/02/2024 - 0 comments

In the vibrant European diversity, the VISYON (Values, Ideas, and Stories from Youth ON stage) project shines bright like a star, thanks to Erasmus+ funding. It’s not just another initiative; it’s a movement that brings together youth organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain, all with one goal: empowering local youth.

VISYON isn’t about sitting back and waiting for change. It’s about giving young people the tools to make it happen. Imagine this: local workshops buzzing with energy, debates sparking new ideas, and young minds diving deep into the 11 European Youth goals. But here’s the twist: VISYON puts cameras in the hands of local groups, turning their thoughts into short films that tackle these important goals head-on.

Now, picture this: ‘Countries Scripts by VISYON.’ These aren’t just scripts; they’re windows into the hearts and minds of young Europeans. Each script, crafted by VISYON groups in every corner of Europe, zooms in on one of the 11 European Youth goals. And guess what? They’re inspired by the European Youth Diary, a collection of 267 voices shouting out for change, for improvement, for a better tomorrow.

Hold up, there’s more! Tanino Films, the pros from Italy, are the secret sauce behind the scenes, helping these scripts come to life. And get this: in February 2024, all VISYON groups are hitting up Athens to cook up two more scripts, with the final short movies ready to rock and roll by August 2024.

Ready to dive into this whirlwind of creativity and inspiration? Buckle up, because VISYON is about to take you on a ride through the vibrant minds of European youth, shedding light on the issues that matter most. Get ready to explore, get ready to be inspired, and get ready to make a difference. Let’s go! ????

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