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Dear Future Self


Dear Future Self


The pandemic is inflicting a triple shock on young people, disrupting education and training, and placing them on a much more volatile trajectory in finding and maintaining quality jobs. The forces of society and technology, of economies and environments, of political upheaval – all of these are changing the way everyone will work and learn in the future. Young people now question the gap between the skills they learn in school and those needed for employment, and 1 in 6 young people have stopped working (according to the ILO). New industries are constantly being born while old ones are becoming obsolete. Although the impending change holds great promise, the patterns of consumption, production and employment created by it also pose major challenges requiring proactive adaptation by individuals. This leaves us with one crucial question: What are the skills future generations will need?


The main aim of the project is to design, with the support of 10 European Youth NGOs 1 multicultural learning experience for 40 youngsters and 10 young leaders, during which they can explore and become familiar with 8 CES skills, and analyze how skills development can become a viable solution to tackle NEETs situation across Europe and improve their access to labour market.

Specific objectives:

  • Support the personal and professional development of 40 youngsters from 10 NGOs through a 10-days YE in Romania, where they will become familiar with 8 skills (1 skill/day) needed on the labour market by using non-formal
    methods, tools for peer learning and self assessment;
  • Raise awareness on the importance of developing CES skills among min 500 YP through: piloting during 10 local workshops, a collection of “80 challenges to be prepared for a future career” proposed by the participants during the YE
    and by launching an Instagram campaign “#DearFutureSelf”, exclusively administered by the participants (by Nov 2021).


40 European youngsters developed key-competences, gained knowledge and understanding of 10 future soft skills needed in the labour market in a 10 days youth mobility; 1 Instagram campaign “#DearFutureSelf” for 500 youngsters to raise awareness among young people to pay more attention to self-knowledge and professional development by sharing the “80 challenges to be prepared for a future career” game cards and other helpful methods related to the topic;

  • Skills

    Creativity, Design Thinking, Innovation, Youth Work

  • Duration:

    2021/02/01 - 2021/11/30

  • Programme:


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