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Kick-off -Fundraising & Innovation Intelligence

Kick-off -Fundraising & Innovation Intelligence

Monomyths Association joins the project Fundraising and Innovation intelligence capacity for youth organisations (FUND...

Emilia 22/04/2020

MOOC about creativity and innovation in youth work

Creativity is all about exploration and going where no one has gone before. Just...

Emilia 15/07/2019

How to develop a creativity and innovation culture in your Youth nonprofit?

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of tough issues facing associations and nonprofits....

Emilia 24/04/2019

Navigators on Creative Seas – an intensive creativity training for European youth workers

Between April 11-19,2019, Monomyths Association from Romania and 7 nonprofit organisations host in Bucharest...

Emilia 18/04/2019

Quality Qualification Vocational Educational Training (QQVET)

QQVET project respond to the European Commission’s communication, Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for...

Emilia 10/09/2018