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10 ways to promote your non-profit organization

If you work or volunteer in a non-profit organization, you certainly are familiar with...

Emilia 25/05/2018

You(th)nique - a bespoke experience for European youth workers

24 European youth workers from 8 not-for-profit organisations have explored during a 7 days...

Emilia 04/12/2017

Certification Strategic Planning

Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant...

Emilia 20/10/2016

Storyteller, here I WRITE

Well this is my first project. I have never participated in a Erasmus+ project...

Emilia 02/09/2016

8 hours overtime

We believe in volunteering and we believe in ideas, team, communication and good causes....

Emilia 22/03/2016