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Navigators on Creative Seas - DEOR

Media coverage - The press release of the project has been distributed to the...

Emilia 01/07/2019

Want to be a creative genius? Choose progress, not perfection

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. George Fisher Inappropriate...

Emilia 01/05/2019

Navigators on Creative Seas – an intensive creativity training for European youth workers

Between April 11-19,2019, Monomyths Association from Romania and 7 nonprofit organisations host in Bucharest...

Emilia 18/04/2019

22 European youth workers are trained to become Digital Mentors for unemployed youth

22 European Youth workers from 7 not-for-profit organisations will discover during a 6 days...

Emilia 25/05/2018

Inspirational trainers - the Monomyths team

Peace education by tackling radicalization of youth! Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an...

Emilia 20/01/2018

Once upon a time we've met story tailors from Bucharest

In January 2017, C'mon Center from Bucharest hosted us to organize a communication workshop...

Emilia 07/01/2017

How many things can you do in a day? We did a lot!

Since it was a second day and we already knew each other we had...

Emilia 03/09/2016

Storyteller, here I WRITE

Well this is my first project. I have never participated in a Erasmus+ project...

Emilia 02/09/2016