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Emilia Radu


Monomyths joins EUCAN Network

  For the past 18 months, Monomyths Association joined EUCAN network, an initiative of...

Emilia 24/07/2019

Want to be a creative genius? Choose progress, not perfection

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. George Fisher Inappropriate...

Emilia 01/05/2019

How to maintain a state of creative ‘flow’?

Often, when we talk about high-performance, we inevitably talk about flow, that elusive state...

Emilia 30/04/2019

Ideas Ark - Entrepreneurship education video essentials

In the last months, Monomyths Association and its partners joined forces, brought the know-how...

Emilia 10/12/2018

Ideas Ark - entrepreneurship education for nonprofits

Ideas Ark – the creativity and entrepreneurial education TC for European youth workers -...

Emilia 18/11/2018

5 ready-to-use ideas about InsideOut Coaching for NGOs

On March 12, Bob Parsons (Manager Global Learning & Development The Goodyear Rubber &...

Emilia 15/03/2018

You(th)nique - a bespoke experience for European youth workers

24 European youth workers from 8 not-for-profit organisations have explored during a 7 days...

Emilia 04/12/2017

Story tailor @ Co:lab24

Happy to be part of the team of Co:lab 24, a 24h marathon in...

Emilia 30/03/2015

It's story time!

Look at the world today! What do you see? How do you feel about...

Emilia 17/02/2015