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Play it forward

Play it forward
Emilia 21/10/2022
Ideas Ark - 2nd Edition
Emilia 22/02/2022
Captain Civic
Emilia 12/02/2022
Dear Future Self
Emilia 20/11/2021
Emilia 25/09/2020
Emilia 25/09/2020
Emilia 28/02/2020
Pathway to Mindfulness
Emilia 28/02/2020


Why young people are vulnerable to radicalisation? Why young people are vulnerable to radicalization?

Emilia 01/08/2019

Navigators on Creative Seas

Navigators on Creative Seas - A creativity booklet

Emilia 31/07/2019

Ideas Ark

Ideas Ark - an entrepreneurship education booklet Ideas Ark - video series

Emilia 31/01/2019